Epiphora Spots The Difference Between Hot Rough Sex and…Khan Tusion

Feb 10th, 2011

Sex toy and porn enthusiast Epiphora recently blogged her disgust for a certain adult director. He goes by the name of Khan Tusion, a pun on the word, “contusion” (bruising – get it?).

Epiphora’s research brought to light such “wonderful” quotes from the man, as, “I believe that in order to be exhilaratingly erotic, the woman has to exhibit some shame.”

Porn performers Taryn Thomas, Regan Starr, and Ashley Blue all go on record to share their experiences with Khan Tusion, each one of them equally horrible. And not in an arbitrary way, like, “Rough blow jobs are terrible.” Each performers speaks of non-consensual abuse.

We at PronInsider would like to thank Epiphora for bringing this to light without shaming the entire porn industry. Khan Tusion is a well noted, pornographic delinquent. He was even charged with rape for the acts performed on one of his sets (later, those charges were dropped).

But we assure you there’s some good material out there worthy of wanking to. And it’s even got some slaps, chokes, and plenty of spit – if that’s what you’re into. At least some of us at PronInsider love a good smack to the face as long as it leaves us smiling. And a mutual choking session can be a great way to re-enact that morning wake-up sex we missed because of work (but be careful, okay?).

Epiphora points out that Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex series is a great place to start for some hot, consensual smut. But we’d like to hear from you. What are your favorite rough sex films in which the performers look like they actually want to be there? And have you been involved with any where you didn’t?

Check out http://www.heyepiphora.com for the blog entry, “Porn, Degradation, and Khan Tusion.”  And send us your thoughts at anon@proninsider.com!

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